Recommended Assemblies – Arts/Music

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Cooperfly Creative Arts
Description: Author Visits and All-ages Family Programs – featuring interactive music and puppetry

Audience type: Elementary, Middle School, High School

Length of Program: 45-60 minutes

Fees for the program: $575 for the first program, $300 each additional. Travel fees additional.

Equipment Needed: We are completely self contained – just need space and electricity.

Chautauqua Express Musical Programs
with Guy Louis
Description: Fast-paced, hands-on interaction and outstanding educational content go into each of Guy’s Chautauqua Express Musical Programs, established in 1986.  Each show features authentic musical instruments from around the world that match the curriculum-enhancing themes.  Choose from: “World Music Tour”; “American Music Tour”; “Black History in American Music”; “Native American Music and Culture”; and “World Winter Holiday”.  Expert musicianship and professional delivery blend with light-hearted humor to create the real magic that is the Chautauqua Express with Guy Louis Sferlazza.

Audience type: Elementary; some shows appropriate for middle schools.

Length of Program: 45 minutes

Fees for the program: $475-$750. Note that these shows have been selected by the MI Touring Arts program which offers 40% grants to non-profit facilities.

Equipment Needed: none

Tunes n Tales by Tricia
Description: My interactive and educational programs for children have evolved over my more than 30 years of experience and are backed with my previous experience as a classroom teacher and degrees in child development and reading.

Audience Type: Elementary, Early Childhood

Length of Program: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Fees for the program: $300-$350

Equipment Needed: Long table and chair or stool

The Creative Arts and Humanities Fund
Description: As a member, partner, and activist with Rotary International, “Mr. Rudy” has developed a Multisensory Education / Motivational Seminar called, Friends Against Bullying ( F.A.B.) 

Audience Type: Elementary, Middle School, High School, Early Childhood Education

Length of Program: 45 minutes to 60 minutes

Fees for the program: $200-$450 plus travel

Equipment Needed: Screen, Power Strip, Tables, Electric Outlets,& Youth!

Jerry Jacoby: Kid Motivator of Lifesong Entertainment, L.L.C.
Description: Laughs, music & life stories to help kids choose the path of integrity. Classroom discussion questions provided for teacher led discussion after the program.

Audience Type: Elementary, Middle School

Length of Program: 45 minutes

Fees for the program: contact

Equipment Needed: All equipment provided: sound system, backdrop, classroom discussion questions

Kenn Vidro: Gilbert Square Books – “A Square Pear Affair”

Descriptions: This fun-filled, wordplay presentation focuses on students using critical thinking skills, vocabulary building and phonemic awareness all through the use of words. Fully aligned with Michigan’s Common Core; The shows will include riddles, humor and plenty of audience participation. Original artwork, puppetry and a “game show” make it an incredible learning experience!
Author visits and Title One Programs!

Audience Type: Elementary, Middle School

Length of Program: 45 Minutes per 150 kids

Fees for the program: $425 for 3 Presentations

Equipment Needed: None

David Hall
Description: The Marimba Man, offer tuning and repair services to schools and bands across Michigan. Marimbaman David Hall enjoys sharing his passion for the marimba with audiences both young and old! He performs on four unique mallet instruments- the Mexican Marimba, African Balafon, 1920’s Xylophone, and modern Marimba- as well as a Japanese Taiko drum and African Djembe.  Musical styles range from Ragtime to Classical, and Brazilian to Baroque. Different costumes are worn for each separate musical style/culture presented. Students are actively involved throughout the program- singing, drumming and using shakers during the African song, dancing with Sombreros in the Mexican Hat Dance, rhythmically clapping and vocalising in the Japanese piece, and asking great questions during the Q & A session!

Audience Type: Elementary, Middle School

Length of Program: 45 minutes

Fees for the program: contact David Hall –

Equipment Needed: NONE