HYBRID Leverage Leadership Series!

New twist on an Old Friend!

The learning opportunity we’ve been hoping would come along is finally here.

As principals, we must spend our energy and resources carrying out activities that will give us the most “leverage”- the greatest result for effort expended.

MEMSPA introduces Leverage Leadership “HYBRID” Style. MEMSPA and Dr. Debbie McFalone are excited to share this “blended” format with Michigan Leaders of Learning. The same engaging content which focuses on sharing individualized, frequent feedback to teachers about their instructional practice, and building the capacity to offer skillful feedback and direction to teacher teams, but delivered within a hybrid format consisting of three face-to-face sessions and two on-line learning opportunities! And, the 5th and final face-to-face session is scheduled at the start of the MEMSPA Annual Conference! MEMSPA and Debbie are confident that this “New Twist” on an Old Favorite may be just what many have been waiting for!

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