17 Summer Leadership Institute


Resources Organized by Speaker

Kathy Dewsbury-White
Assessment Literacy Series: Making Sense of Assessment

Ted Gardella
The College Board – Preparing Middle Schools for the PSAT 8/9 in grade 8


Tuesday Breakout Speaker Materials

Derek Wheaton
How to Understand, Care For and Love Traumatized/Emotionally Charged Children

Krista Ried
Appropriate Placement and Hiring Practices

Saline Area Schools (Betty Rosen-Leacher, Laura Washington, Michelle Szczechowicz, Emily Sickler)
Student-Led Future Focused Are You Ready?

Wednesday Breakout Speaker Materials

Victor Bugni and Lisa Brown
Assessments in the Early Grades: Legislation requirements and best practices for implementation

Molly Funk and Melissa Usiak
Creating and Using Meaningful Individual Reading Improvement Plans (IRIPs) as a Tool to Support Student Literacy Growth

Debbie McFalone
Live Well, Lead Strong Presentation

Dr. Liz Kolb
Learning First, Technology Second: Understanding the research behind what actually works when integrating technology in learning