17 MEMSPA Literacy Summit


Resources Organized by Speaker

Molly Funk and Melissa Usiak
Molly Funk’s Website Resources

Lisa Brown and Laurel Triebel
Coming Soon!

Lisa Madden
Mindfulness & Literacy Learning

Adrea Truckenmiller
Demystifying Assessment

Barb Johnson
Need A Plan for Every 3rd Grader Gets To Grade Level?

Kathy Lester, Carrie Betts & Karren Reish
School-Wide Essential Literacy Practices, ESSA, and Libraries
Other Materials

Dr. Nell K Duke
Nell’s Webpage

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Essential Practices in Early and Elementary Literacy (PDF)

You may use the attached PDF and have your printer make the booklets.  We ask that these documents be shared and kept “whole.” In other words, please print “as is” without deletions or other insertions. 
If you would like to use our printer, who can print at a cost of  $6.13 per booklet including tabs, please contact Cary at:
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