Roundup: four big education stories in 2017

2017 is nearly a wrap—below are four big topics in education from the past twelve months, and stories about each that caught our eye.

Media Literacy and Civics Education

Media literacy has been a huge news story in 2017, including in education reporting. In many schools, educators are working to ensure that students have the critical thinking skills necessary to discern fake news from real news. There has also been a renewed focus on civics education, focusing on not only the mechanics of our  government, but what it means to be a citizen and member of a community.

Alia Wong wrote an incisive take on these issues for EWA; On Education Dive, Shalina Chatlani explored the urgency around civics ed, including the fact that to be effective, it must be engaging; Ed Dive also named media literacy their “obsession of the year.”

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