Michigan’s Individualized Reading Improvement Plan

Resources to Support the Individual Reading Instruction Plan (IRIP)

We know that your commitment to helping all of your students become readers and writers has been a focus for you AND we understand that the Michigan Reading Legislation has influenced the sense of urgency around reading proficiency in the state for our K-3 students.  In a sincere labor of love for Michigan children and a devotion to the educators who make the difference for students, we have developed tools to enhance and assist your teachers and literacy teams to focus on the right work of supporting and accelerating a student’s literacy growth.

We sincerely hope these tools support your commitment to ensuring students are receiving quality literacy instruction and educators have the critical tools work collaboratively to provide that instruction.

Michigan’s Individualized Reading Improvement Plan

The IRIP form is a unique 2 page document, as it supports teachers and teams to summarize individual assessment data and has a value on a teacher’s observations of the student and ability to summarize across multiple points of data to determine the next best focus for literacy learning.  Additionally, the second page is specific and differentiated based on the goal determined by the teacher or team.  The specific second pages house resources and hyperlinks to scaffold the teachers and teams to plan for the needs of the students and develop a course of instruction.  We are thankful that we have the work of the GELN Early Literacy Task Force to embed for teachers to continue to reference as Research Based instruction.

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Companion Document

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Introduction to IRIP Video:

A Discussion to Support the IRIP Process Video:

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