Mindfulness Resources (Calhoun ISD)

Other resources used during presentations:
·  PRoQOL Assessment – a tool to assess compassion fatigue (secondary traumatic stress), burnout, and compassion satisfaction
·  Educator Compassion Fatigue Assessment & Self-Care Plan – allows people to develop a self-care plan and set goals
·  Edupaths Course – I developed two courses for EduPaths that focus on self-care.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone who might be interested.
Here are some iRest resources.

·  iRest Website

iRest Practices

§ 8 minute practice, 20 minute practice

§ iRest for better sleep – 8 minute & 20 minute

§ iRest for peace and well being – 5 minute and 10 minute

·  Insight Timer App – Teacher: Richard Miller  

·  iRest Recordings – google folder that contains free recordings (those mentioned above)

·  6 Minute iRest – this one is recorded in my voice and the same as the version we did at our meeting

·  20 minute iRest for sleep