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Legislative Update – 7/12/2019

While legislative leadership has held some meetings with the State Budget Office, there has not been much movement at all ... Read More

Legislative Update – 06/28/2019

Legislative Action Neither the House nor the Senate held session votes this week, but both chambers added tentative session days ... Read More

Weekly Update – 06/25/2019

Ending with the Beginning in Mind Paul Liabenow, Executive Director My guess is that relieved and hopeful describe most of ... Read More

Legislative Update – 06/24/2019

Legislative Action The House passed HB 4162 (Reilly) this week to eliminate the state’s requirement that local districts administer the ... Read More

Weekly Update – 06/18/2019

Summer Learning Opportunity Amie McCaw, MEMSPA Professional Development Chair Well, we made it! Another year in the books and we ... Read More

Legislative Update – 06/14/2019

Committee Action The House Education committee met this week and took testimony on HB 4342 (Paquette), which would allow family ... Read More

Weekly Update – 06/11/2019

Principal to Principal: How Many Days Do You Have Left to Change the Life of a Child? Derek Wheaton Derek ... Read More

Legislative Update – 06/07/2019

Committee Action The House Education committee met this week and advanced HB 4208 (Johnson) to prohibit family members from evaluating ... Read More

MEMSPA Middle Level Newsletter – 06/01/2019

The May Marathon Carmen Maring, MEMSPA Middle Level Chair Phew! The marathon month of May is over with its final ... Read More