MEMSPA Blog – 8/17/2017

#GlassFullLeader: Rookie Status


Welcome to the MEMSPA Blog. I am the lucky leader sharing our 1st installment. I am also a rookie blogger. I have spent the past month reading about blogging in preparation for this moment… I am an active blog reader. I will read blogs written with a serious message, business theme, how-to intent, heart string tugging blogs, and especially the real life “don’t take yourself too seriously” stories.


My blog reading and blog format research helped me to craft my first blog; however, as I planned and drafted the first blog-  I could not let it be first. In my first blog, I tried to use advice from 12 Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make.  This source had 12 suggestion, but I seemed to read only… “Don’t make it personal.” Readers don’t care about you. They will get to know you through your writing. Ok, that made sense. Well, it was nearly impossible for me to write like I had planned. Until I read another source 16 Tips for Beginning Bloggers talked about staying true to your voice and writing for yourself first. I liked that tip.  Again, I kinda ignored the other 15.


I decided to save my original “first” blog for later- I will revisit and revise it after I get a few blogs under by belt.  Thanks to Taryn here at MEMSPA (she is our fantastic Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of our NEW and Improved Website). I am honored and thrilled to have this opportunity!  Valuing relationships and people, I feel like it is my birthday or Christmas, and I have opened the coolest present.  I reopen this gift monthly when I share a new MEMSPA Blog!


So even if I did NOT follow the 16 tips, and I may have made 11 of the 12 Mistakes, I am officially a blogger. The coolest part is that my brain is now engaged in new and interesting ways.  It is totally true. I am a reflective person by nature or by career or both-either way, I reflect ALL the time, and now I reflect and think… “Should I blog on that?”


What new thing are you doing?  What is your Rookie Status?  


  1. Doni,

    My favorite part is your willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Blogging brings a level of transparency, risk taking and authenticity. I’m excited to see where the MEMSPA blog goes. Thanks for leading with your heart!


  2. Genuine. Authentic. Gets to the heart of why we even begin to conceive writing and blogging.

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