Weekly Update – 2/6/18

IHSIP Grantee – Sycamore Elementary

Sycamore Elementary School, in collaboration with MEMPSA, has integrated two health goals into our School Improvement Plan. After attending a presentation on the importance of the health and learning link (“students who are healthy are better able to learn”), we wrote the goals of improving students’ healthy eating habits and social emotional learning into our School Improvement Plan. Every Sycamore student is receiving Michigan Model for Health Social Emotional Health and Nutrition and Physical Activity lessons as a comprehensive approach in addressing lagging skills in these areas.

Classroom teachers received training in Michigan Model for Health and have been implementing targeted social emotional and health lessons. We anticipate growth in students’ social emotional skills and improved classroom behavior as a result of addressing self-regulation needs.

Our teaching staff are also teaching the Nutrition and Physical Activity lessons. Besides the lessons, activities include Food Sampling Days (grape smoothies–Yum!!), and Physical Activity Demonstrations in classrooms. The physical activity demos include yoga, chair bingo, circuit training and stretch bands. Students LOVE these Demo Days, and it’s rewarding to see how calm and relaxed they are after “cooling down” with “Bear Breath” at the end of their Physical Activity session.

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