Weekly Update – 2/13/18

Celebrating Black History

By Jeremy Patterson, MEMPSA President

MEMSPA Friends,

There is a lot of wisdom in the saying, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you are going.”  History is so vital in not only telling our story, or passing on traditions but most important of all, history affords us an opportunity to learn from the past.  Celebrating Black History, particularly in the month of February, is done in a variety of different ways.  I hope you take away something new this year or are willing to share a positive idea in helping our schools, communities and world become a better place by embracing the diverse cultures all around us.

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Live Well, Lead Strong:  Eat The Frogs First!
Debbie McFalone

Dear Friends, My job is such a joy!  Each week, I travel three or four days to different districts, ISDs and educational organizations, where I get to lead learning sessions with terrific leaders all across our state!  It’s such a wonderful opportunity to support, learn from, and equip the next generation of school leaders!  I love my job!   Except when I don’t….

About two days a week, I’m in my office, completing all the paperwork, emails, planning, and phone calls involved in the business part of my consulting practice.  I love the quiet time during those days to read, design new learning sessions, post on Twitter, and conduct coaching calls with leaders.  What I don’t love?  True confessions:

  • I don’t love sending out invoices and keeping track of payments that come in
  • I don’t love balancing my business checkbook each month and sending reports to my accountant

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“And you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?” – from the song Once In A Lifetime by the Talking Heads
David Simpson, MEMSPA Region 9 Board Representative

Feeling inspired from a recent #MEMSPAchat focused on music playlists, this song by the Talking Heads kept running in my head as I was preparing for an upcoming presentation.  It gave me pause to reflect on my own leadership journey over the past five years. In this article, I will share my story of how I arrived at this moment in time that has transformed my leadership in education…this moment of believing so strongly in the re-imagination of schools to focus on deeper learning so that all student can feel the power of personalized learning!  I didn’t just wake up one day thinking, “PBL sounds like a great idea!” or “What’s the latest buzzword I can start using?”

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