Weekly Update – 12/19/2017

The Assessment Think Tank

How do we know when students are learning? How do we “prove” when students have learned? What do we do when students are NOT learning? Also, what do we want students to learn? These are the basic questions guiding teaching, learning and assessing in our schools. I have had the great pleasure to attend the Michigan Assessment Consortium, MAC, sponsored program entitled the Assessment Learning Network, ALN, for the past two years. This PLN has provided unending opportunities for me to engage with other organizations and educational leaders on the topic of assessment. In addition, MAC has provided several fantastic guest speakers from across the country all sharing different compelling talks on teaching and learning as it relates to assessment. “Link to ALN Resource Page”

My involvement in this PLN has introduced me to new ways of thinking; however, by far the most compelling is this… assessment begins with asking the right question(s).

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Principal to Principal:  Daddy, Can You See Me?

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”

–  Carl Jung

Each year at the MEMSPA Annual Conference I eagerly await Friday morning’s closing session.  I draw on the speaker to inspire me and to awaken within me what I need to learn, reflect on, or think about to change my leadership to improve and get better.  This year, my inspiration came from Brian Partin, President of NAESP.  His reflection sharing was particularly poignant and shook me to my core, not to mention bringing on a few tears.

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