Weekly Update – 08/22/2017

Mindfulness Matters!

“Mindfulness is about putting down our juggling balls for a bit. It’s about embracing the beauty of monotasking.” –Mary Elizabeth Williams

Goodbye Summer!  Hello Fall!  You have hopefully spent some time rejuvenating and respiriting your heart, body, and soul!  Crunch time looms as you begin the preparation for another wonderful school year start!  I don’t have to remind you, but Peterson in his depiction of work of the principal, reminds us that the work is all about Brevity, Vexation of Variety, and Fragmentation.  In other words, we have numerous opportunities for interactions and we have to juggle EQ with IQ.  Peterson estimates 2000 interactions a day!  Most exchanges last one to two minutes.  You can have 50-60 such exchanges an hour.  85% of a principal’s time is spent on tasks lasting less than 9 minutes!  “A principal’s job is filled with fragmentation. In the course of a day, new projects, new problems and crises interrupt the cycle of ongoing activities, says Peterson”  This continuous barrage of information hacking on the brain to problem solve, make a decision, defer or delegate, or as Peterson puts it, “juggling the completion of tasks against the preservation of relationships” causes stress, emotional upheaval, and the inability to sometimes do anything, brain freeze kicks in!  This is why Mindfulness Matters!  

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Have You Renewed Your MEMSPA Membership?

Don’t forget during the back-to-school hustle and bustle to renew your MEMSPA membership! It’s important to not let your membership lapse to maintain your cumulative NEASP legal benefits. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how important these additional benefit perks are becoming to administrators. I have heard from several colleagues this year how valuable this has personally become to them as their districts attorneys are looking out for the district and not necessarily them and their best interest.

Besides the liability insurance and legal benefits, the MEMSPA network is outstanding. Check out the new website for more member supports, ways to connect, information, and ideas for your buildings, staff, and students. In addition, sign up now for the state conference and add it to your calendar (December 6th-8th), so you don’t miss out on this professional learning opportunity and networking that is guaranteed to energize you for a continued successful year.
If you haven’t submitted your renewal yet, delay no longer. To to the link on our new site and renew online www.memspa.org or call the MEMSPA office (517) 694-8955. I am looking forward to serving you in my new role as NAESP state rep and membership chair. Don’t hesitate to connect if I can be of any help or if you have any questions.
Have a great 2017-18 school year and #LeadPositive!