MEMSPA Connects – Principal Induction Program

Principals today are asked to wear many hats. Research studies support- the principal is the key to success in the building.  However, research also shows that many early career leaders may not be given the support necessary to be successful within their first few years on the job.  Great teachers are often encouraged to become principals; however, the skill set from one position to the other is very different, and the transition from successful teacher to effective building principal can be difficult.

The expression “it is lonely at the top” is not what MEMSPA has in mind for Early Career Leaders. MEMSPA has a tradition of strong networking, family atmosphere and supporting each other.  In the spirit of our traditions and history, and as your leadership partner MEMSPA proudly announces its first Induction Program for First Year MEMSPA Principals – “MEMSPA Connects” 2017-18.

Memspa solution partner Scholastic Education joins as sponsor to make this pilot program a reality this year. This message serves as a request and call-out to ALL MEMSPA first year principals. Take a moment to respond and sign-up for the “MEMSPA Connects” Pilot!   Click here to see a flyer with all the details. With a successful MEMSPA Connects pilot, MEMSPA will annually include this induction program as a first-year principal membership service.


Supporting first-year principals with the MEMSPA Connects Induction Program is just another way that #MEMSPAmatters & You Matter Most.