Legislative Update – 2/5/2018

Teacher Preparation Bills Considered in House Education
Last week, the House Education Committee considered two bills that would amend teacher preparation.

-House Bill 4614 removes the renewal limits for a Provisional Teaching Certificate, thus allowing the certificate to be renewed as many times as needed. MDE testified that the bill would remove a road block for teachers returning to the classroom after a lapsed certification.

-House Bill 4084 removes the requirement that a teacher seeking a Professional Teaching Certificate take a three credit reading diagnostics course.

The legislation was not reported from committee last week, but may be considered in the coming weeks.

Income Tax Changes Continue Moving through the Legislature
This week the Senate Finance Committee and the House Tax Policy Committee reported the other chambers version of the Personal Exemption Income Tax changes. Both chambers are seeking an increase to the Personal Exemption, that would amount to a tax decrease for the tax payer but also a reduction in revenue for the School Aid Fund.
Neither chamber made changes to the bill packages and it remains unclear which version, or compromised version, will make it into law.

Executive Budget Released this Wednesday
This week, Governor Snyder will release his final budget recommendation to the legislature. Based on information from the State of the State, we expect the following to be included in his budget:
-A large per-pupil foundation increase
-Additional funding for special education programs
-A focus on CTE, including developing talent in key fields while in the p-20 system
We will let you know the highlights in the budget later this week!