October is Principals Month

We Celebrate You Because You’ve Made A Difference As A Principal!

We know that it is not easy to do anything that puts YOU in the spotlight… Therefore, we are sharing this information from NAESP with the encouragement and invitation for you to celebrate a leader friend or assistant that goes ABOVE and BEYOND to do amazing work for children, families, the community and staff!

October is National Principals Month, and leaders like YOU and those you choose to honor deserve to be thanked and recognized for the dedication and care put forth. One month our of the year is certainly NOT enough, but the efforts made to honor just one leader for his or her talent and time this month will make an amazing impact and send a special message!

This website has suggestions and ideas https://www.principalsmonth.org/.

Michigan Principals Month Proclamation

We also recommend sending personal notes, cards, emails and any other extra shout-outs that will let your fellow principal pals know that you not only stand with them, but also stand behind them! It does NOT need to be lonely at the top. It can instead be validating, collaborative and honoring!

Let October be only the beginning of your effort to honor and recognize each other for the work, dedication and commitment to KIDS!