MEMSPA Blog – 8/17/2017

#GlassFullLeader: Rookie Status   Welcome to the MEMSPA Blog. I am the lucky leader sharing our 1st installment. I am also a rookie blogger. I have spent the past month reading about blogging in preparation for this moment… I am an active blog reader. I will read blogs written with a serious message, business theme, how-to intent, heart string tugging …

“We Are The Change That We Seek” Barack Obama

  Authored By: Allyson Apsey – Principal, Quincy Elementary     I remember a car conversation from many years ago. One of my boys was just five and experiencing some difficulties on the playground. After he lamented about how horribly he was being treated by some of his friends, I said this: Buddy, this is going to be a little …

Lifetouch – Picture Day Made Easier


Parent Notify allows schools to automate communications to parents about Picture Day and yearbooks — saving time and helping to control the amount of calls that come in to your office. This tool provides each family with friendly reminders to make sure nobody misses out on Picture Day and yearbook sales. See how it works.

Lifetouch understands that communication to parents, students and staff is critical for a smooth and hassle-free Picture Day. Lifetouch provides communication materials such as print and electronic notices, fliers and hallway posters to increase Picture Day awareness.


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