2019 Outstanding Practicing Principal


Amie McCaw
Principal, Sunset Lake Elementary School
Vicksburg Community Schools


MEMSPA and SET SEG announce Principal Amie McCaw as the 2019 Outstanding Practicing Principal. Amie is the principal at Sunset Lake Elementary, a K-5 building within Vicksburg Community Schools. Amie was nominated by her colleagues at Sunset Lake Elementary School. Mrs. McCaw has been the principal of Sunset Lake Elementary since 2014 and earned her Bachelor’s from Goshen College, her Master’s degree from Western Michigan University and is currently pursuing her PhD in Educational Leadership at Western Michigan University.

The focus of the MEMSPA Outstanding Practicing Principal Award is instructional leadership, student relations, staff relations, parent relations, professional growth and civic and community participation. Colleagues highlighted the following in their nomination related to these areas: Instructional Leadership- “Amie is an exceptional instructional leader who provides regular, well-planned professional development opportunities for all staff members…” Student Relations- “…Amie has developed a culture where all teachers and staff greet students in the hallways in the morning with a smile.” Staff Relations- “All staff meetings begin with celebrations and teacher-to-teacher recognition. This simple but important tradition builds unity and closeness among staff members and promotes a school culture of caring.” Parent Relations- “When they built our playground, Amie was there with a screwdriver. When they refreshed our flower garden, Amie was there pulling weeds. When they updated our front lobby to create a more welcoming environment, Amie was there scrubbing, painting, and leading by example.” Professional Growth- “An active participant in educational leadership organizations, Amie constantly seeks out opportunities for growth.” Civic and Community Participation- “Amie participates in local outreach programs in our community and frequently calls upon community groups, churches, and organizations to partner with Sunset Lake Elementary..”

Amie’s Superintendent, Keevin O’Neill, wrote “Amie McCaw is truly a professional who models excellent instructional leadership skills. She thoroughly understands how children learn. Her supervisory and facilitating practices inspire outstanding learning for staff, students and families. As a result, our school culture yields high expectations for recognition, collaboration, innovation, assessment and involvement of all toward common goals.”

He continued “It is difficult to put into words the incredible work that Amie does for the members of our school community. It is an honor to work and learn from this unsung hero… She is a wonderful colleague, mentor, leader and friend.”

MEMSPA is very proud to present
Mrs. Amie McCaw as its Outstanding Practicing Principal for 2019

For further information on the MEMSPA SET SEG Outstanding Practicing Principal Award or the 2019 honoree, Mrs. Amie McCaw contact the MEMSPA office at (517) 694-8955 or taryn@memspa.org.


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